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Vagrant Clean Plugin

Decided to create a Vagrant plugin to solve a problem I’ve been having.  When using Vagrant I find that I leave resources running that I forget about.  This plugin solves... Read more »

New Copr Repository

Decided that I would create a new Copr repository for gnome shell extensions.  Only a couple of them for now, but I’ll continue to add more as time goes on.... Read more »

Configuring Tuned on Fedora 23

Using the tuned service on Fedora is a great way to save power on laptops.  Typically, I have used the balanced settings to get a good balance between performance and... Read more »

Flask and WSGI on Centos 6

In order to run a flask app with Apache and WSGI you will need to install the correct packages. $ yum install httpd mod_wsgi policycoreutils-python python-flask python-jinja Note that in... Read more »