Added my first attempt at a “dotfiles” directory today. The results are available from my Github account here. I got this awesome idea from a fellow Githubber and thought it was the best thing since aliases. You can check out his work here. Having a single git repository that travels with me wherever I go will probably increase my productivity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a new Linux box and wanted my aliases, vim config, etc., only to “scp” the stuff from another box or try to rewrite my configs the best I could from memory. Usually this is just me trying to remember which vim command tells my editor to use spaces instead of tabs, the end result being that every system I use has some mishmash of half-baked scripts with no consistency.

So, now I can pull my Git repository, run the “” script, and be on my way. The install script loops over the files in the “dotfiles” repository and symlinks them as dot files into the current user’s home directory. Since there’s no copying of the files, its easier to edit them as needed and push the changes back to Github. Nice.