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AWS Lambda Functions with Eta

Recently I learned about the programming language called Eta from an episode of the Functional Geekery Podcast. Eta is a dialect of Haskell that is compatible with the GHC Haskell... Read more »

Haskell Meetup

History Recently I started the Beaverton Haskell Meetup because I was interested in finally learning Haskell thoroughly and doing it along with other folks with the same interest. I was... Read more »

On Learning How to Program

This morning I saw a tweet on my twitter feed that surprised me. I thought at first that it was supposed to be taken as a joke, but as I... Read more »

Security Compliance Automation

Recently I have been working on project to automate security compliance of Linux systems. There are many options to solve this common problem but I haven’t been satisfied with them.... Read more »

Thoughts on Go

About six month ago I decided it was time to learn a new language and picked up The Go Programming Language. Go is a language I’ve been thinking about learning... Read more »